Archive – Age 20

Age 20,  was created whilst on residency in Tel Aviv, Israel, with the support of the Multi-exposure award, BI Arts and the British Council. Israel is the only country where National Service in obligatory.

Molloy was educated in an army town in the United Kingdom, but has no connections to the army. She was interested in the divergent experiences between herself and young Israeli women of a similar age. Using an advertisment in the local Tel Aviv newspaper, she invited young women who had recently finished their national service to participate in the project. The participants chose the location they wanted to be photographed, Molloy constructed the background to photograph them. Each participant brought along an item from their time in the army to be photographed with.

It was the unplanned incidentals that interested Molloy, the objects brought along by the participants, the blinks, the smiles, the fragile background which brought character to the images.

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Age 20

Age 20 4

Age 20  was exhibited as part of a group exhibition at Cambridge Darkroom, Bogershof Gallery, Israel and Diorama, London and featured in subsequent exhibition catalogue publication.