Archive – 21 Individuals who do the same job

21 Individuals who do the same job, was conceived when Molloy was a student at the Royal College of Art. Interested in exploring the fluidity of identity, Molloy sought to challenge stereotypical assumptions based on professional status by creating a typology of faces of people who did the same job. Molloy’s visual methodology references C19th phrenology and physiognomy studies, specifically responding to Alphonse Bertillon’s late studies of ‘criminal types’. Nothing is divulged about the the 21 Individuals in the photographs. The spectator is left to determine which occupation maybe distinct to the faces in the series, which consequently affords the participants equal social status as well as professional status.

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2000 Toured as part of Sapere facilitation project, Philosophy for children’s learning within schools
1997 Featured in Jobling, P. (1997:14-15) Bodies of Experience. Scarlet Press
1994: 21 Individuals who do the same job, won the Conde Nast Vogue award