3365 Days

3365 days, builds on a formative body of work Identical Twins, which was created to explore issues of identity and personal individuality. A selected sample of the research is featured on the website. The images are deliberately low-key so typological comparisons can be drawn.
The original images were exhibited four feet square, so subtle differences that make each of us dissimilar could be observed.
1997 Identical twins was exhibited in the Young Contemporaries, Riverside Gallery, London, 1996 Identity Parade, West End Arts Centre, Aldershot, 1996 Festival of Women Photographers, Gaarter Lane Arts Centre, Waterford Ireland, 1996 Famous Unknowns II  Special Photographers Co, London, 1995 Arles Photography Festival, France, 1995 I wish I wish  Photographers Gallery, London, 1995 Style/Faberge Guardian V&A Museum, London. 1994 Iris Women’s Exhibition, Staffordshire Museum.

Identical Twins was made pre-email and pre-mobile, 3365 Days is ongoing, it revisits the original participants ten years later. Some of the original participants have been lost, new participants have joined the research. A selected sample images are featured.